Fall Things to Do in Illinois

fall things to do in Illinois

Illinois is a busy state and home to one of the country’s biggest cities, so there’s always something to do here, whether you’re looking for a weekend day trip or a long road trip in your Ford vehicle. Here are some fun fall things to do in Illinois this season.

2018 is Illinois’ bicentennial anniversary as a state, and farmers are celebrating in style, designing bicentennial mazes in their corn fields. Corn mazes are a tradition every year in Illinois, but this year is special. You can visit the Richardson Adventure Farm in Chicago, Abbey Farms in Aurora, Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch in Rantoul, and many more!

Another way to spend your fall in your Ford truck or car is to visit the many orchards and farms in Illinois. Apple-picking is a classic fall activity. No matter where you live in Illinois, there’s an orchard you can drive to for an afternoon trip. Illinois is home to all kinds of farms, from pumpkin patches to syrup farms to vineyards.

It wouldn’t be fall without Oktoberfest, and there are celebrations going on all over Illinois this autumn. We recommend road tripping up to Chicago for the Oktoberfest at Starved Rock State Park, the most popular state park in Illinois, with its waterfalls, naturally formed canyons, and beautiful foliage.

No matter which direction in Illinois you drive, you’re bound to find something fun to do and something beautiful to see. Take your trip in a car from Van Drunen Ford.

How to Get Your Ford Ready for Fall

Ford Service

With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to get your Ford ready for fall weather with excellent service from Van Drunen Ford and easy do-it-yourself maintenance tasks. Here are some of the most important tasks for transitioning from summer into cooler weather.


First, inspect the tires and check the air pressure. If the rubber is bulging or cracked, or the tread is worn, it’s time to replace them—and you’ll definitely want new tires before winter hits. Cold air can reduce air pressure, so add air to your tires as needed for better traction.


Next, check your lights. If any are burnt out, replace them—it’s going to start getting dark earlier, and you need working lights more than ever. You may also want to scrub the inside of the plastic covers if you notice the lights are foggy.


Replace the wiper blades. Wiper blades get worn out over the rainy spring and summer months, and going into inclement fall weather, you’ll want fresh ones. You should also turn on the heater and defrost to make sure they’re still working after you left them off for months.

Dealership Service

Head to Van Drunen Ford for oil changes, tire rotations, battery tests, fluid refills, and an inspection. All of these tasks are more important than ever during cold months, and you want a professional taking care of them.